Don’t tell a woman to relax because you do not like the tone of her voice. We are capable of being soft-spoken and also have a stronger firmer voice. You cannot discredit our arguments because we sound aggressive and less ‘sweet’ to you.

Instead, stop criticizing how feminine or less feminine we are and just listen.

Don’t tell a woman that she is ‘bossy’ or ’emotional’ as you judge her by how she spoke. We deliver our points across in our way because we can and we will. You cannot call us names and give us labels.

Instead, understand the points we are trying to bring across.

Don’t tell a woman to speak up because you think she is not capable of communicating. We are capable of controlling when and how we want to talk. You cannot expect and force us to talk on your cue.

Instead, respect our silence.

Don’t tell a woman that she is loud because she is speaking more than you want her to. You had your turn, now let us talk.

Instead, give us chance to voice out our opinions and do not interrupt.


One of the biggest challenges for a woman is being judged by how she speaks. Reduced to a value of the pitch of her voice and how feminine and less feminine she is. Our points are mostly discredited by how we delivered our message.

As a woman of Asian descent, I struggle to bring my point across every day. Whether I’m in Asia where women’s rights are still being heavily fought for or in western countries where equality is supposedly shared and accepted, the sad news is that I fight for my voice wherever I may be. Unfortunately, this happens every day to millions of women and girls around the world. In the office, classroom, and everywhere we go.

For the greater equality, spreading our experiences and thoughts will help the rest of the world understand our everyday plight. This is not to put shame, but to spread awareness and fight for the equality we all deserve.

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Featured image by Alice Donovan Rouse at the Women’s March in Boston, Massachusetts