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Don’t Tell a Woman

Don’t tell a woman to relax because you do not like the tone of her voice. We are capable of being soft-spoken and also have a stronger firmer voice. You cannot discredit our arguments because we sound aggressive and less ‘sweet’ to you. Instead, stop criticizing how feminine or less feminine we are and just listen. Don’t tell a woman that she is ‘bossy’ or ’emotional’ as you judge her by how she spoke. We deliver our points across in our way because we can and we will. You cannot ...

Austin, Texas – February 2017

It was my first time in Austin, Texas. The people are nice and friendly (Southern hospitality is real) and there were lots of great food places to go. Where to stay: Airbnb Where to eat: Franklin BBQ known to be one of the world’s best-smoked bbq Tips: People line up at Franklin for hours, so if you have your itinerary I would recommend ordering days ahead to skip the queue (click here)